This item has been placed on the agenda by India in the context of UNESCO mission for World Peace as enunciated in the preamble to the UNESCO Constitution: “Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed”.  This mission of UNESCO can be enhanced with the work of the eminent philosopher and poet Thiruvalluvar, with a view to building peace in the minds of men at a time when peace is being jeopardized nationally, regionally and internationally by identity-related, spiritual tensions and violence. The highly acclaimed German philosopher and Nobel laureate Dr. Albert Schweitzer says about Thirukkural that “There hardly exists in the literature of the world, a collection of maxims in which we find so much lofty wisdom.”

 Dr. Moriz Winternitz, an eminent Austrian orientalist, says, "Valluvar's Kural is one of the gems of the world literature. He (Valluvar) stands above all races, castes, and sects, and what he teaches is a general human morality and wisdom. No wonder that the Kural has been read, studied, and highly praised in the land of its origin for centuries, but also found many admirers in the west, ever since it has become known."

 Leo Tolstoy was inspired by the concept of non-violence found in Thirukkural when he read a German version of the book, who in turn instilled the concept in Mahatma Gandhi through a letter to an Indian newspaper when young Gandhi sought his advice.

 The proposed draft decision invites the Director-General to make specific proposals for the implementation of interdisciplinary and intersectoral programs in connection with the work of Thiruvalluvar.  

The purpose of “Thirukkural for UNESCO “ Team is to Coordinate and closely work with Govt of India and Govt of TamilNadu, Central Institute of Classical Tamil (CICT),  Embassy of Paris, UNESCO , Thirukkural Organizations, Personalities  across the world to accomplish the following FOUR Points.

1.       The installation of a statue of Thiruvalluvar at UNESCO Paris,

2.       The establishment of a UNESCO-Thiruvalluvar medal and the recognition of Thirukkural as a “Book of Universal Literature”

3.       Requests that favorable consideration be given at the 215th session of the Executive Board to the celebration, through programs as appropriate, of the 2050th anniversary of the birth of Thiruvalluvar in 2024.

4.       As per the Constitution of UNESCO,  Declare Thirukkural as a Literary Heritage  of Mankind