Currently there is no way to confirm how many languages have thirukkural Translations. We have to go back to 100 years and search for the evidances and authenticity and collect the hard copy to belive that that translation was existed. Since we are gearing up the project of Taking Thirkkural as National book and UNESCO regnition, we have to get blessings from 133 countries to support this project to be approved in UNESCO. 

When we go to UNESCO, we may have a question if we have translation book printed copy in specific language for reference and convince few country representatives.  It is not a easy project as there is no clear information on various languages and we may have to go back to 100 history and references in old books, search in google, Reach out to world Tamil scholars, world libraries where we have Tamil treditional collections, constantly reach out to Tamil sangam and other tamil organziations across the world to identify and get a copy of their local langae if any.

ValaiTamil is operating from North america for more than 17 years and it has viewers from various part of the world and most of the countries.  This portal is working as a repository for Tamil Culture and Tredition and it collects old artifacts and details and store them and list them in Google for Research and reading purpose. 

In 2018, ValaiTamil team launched this visionary project to identify and collect Thirukkural Translation from Various countries.  It was not successful at the first attempt. Later in 2019, it formed a formal committee with 5 members in North America  and named Mr.Elango Thangavelu from Missouri state of USA as a project coordinator.   Later it onboarded Voice of Valluvar Team and One of he prominant Thirukkural enthusiast Dr.Ashref who has been doing this similar work. He has deep knowledge in transations and listed in his blog.   Collectively this project is going very successful and we have to reach another 19 translations hard copies to complete this project. 

Completion of this project is essential for Thirukkural for UNESCO as many countries will be curious if we have Thirukkural in their native language apart from English.  Translation collection Team has multiple ideas after completion of the collection of the Translation hard copies.